NOFIRNO is the ideal solution for the firesafe and gas, smoke and watertight sealing of multi-cable penetrations. The system is even aproved for the sealing of bundled LAN cable sets. NOFIRNO is a rapid sealing system for multi-cable penetrations.

Installing fire safe and gas and water tight sealing systems often requires a lot of pre-engineering and installation time. Not with NOFIRNO. The system does not require pre-engineering, special conduit frames or insulation in front of the penetration. Instead NOFIRNO allows the shortest possible conduit length, while overall less insulation is needed.


NOFIRNO is extemely simple to install. The minimized number of components and the approval for use in concrete, steel and aluminium partitions allow you to save on stocks and material handling. Sealing your penetrations with NOFIRNO means therefore saving time ánd money!

The system’s application areas are:

  • hipsbuilding
  • offshore installations
  • building and construction industry
  • many, many other environments where the safety of people and installations has to be guaranteed.


  • For fire, gas, smoke and watertight sealing of multi-cable penetrations
  • Compact system. No precise fitting parts
  • No metal parts, no corrosion
  • Most cost-effective way of installation
  • No pre-engineering or special conduit frames
  • No restrictions on cable types and sizes, no insulation in front of the penetration needed
  • Re-entry for cable modifications is simple
  • Approved for harshest fire ratings for multi-cable penetrations (EN, A, H and Jet Fire class)
  • Breakthrough – bundled cable sets approved
  • The system of choice for highest fire ratings and harshest environment!