Riswat is a unique system that is specifically designed for the water and gas tight sealing of penetrations, irrespective of whether the openings pass through walls and ceilings in buildings or through decks and bulkheads on board ships. RISWAT assures a dependable seal.

The system is suitable both for cable and pipe transits. RISWAT is fast and simple to install, and offers a high level of gas and water tightness. It eliminates for good the necessity for pre-engineering or special conduit frames.

The RISWAT system

is used to provide water and gas tight seals for transit openings carrying multiple cables and for ducting pipes that have to be able to move in all directions. The system, which requires relatively little space to install, is suitable for the sealing of both new and existing transit openings.


Type application:

  • Building construction
  • Renovation
  • Energy works
  • Utility companies
  • Water and waste water industry


  • The system of choice worldwide to replace leaking conduits in a most efficient way
  • The system is suitable for existing cable and pipe penetrations
  • DRIFIL® sealant has a high bonding strength
  • Can be applied in concrete or brick walls
  • No conduit frames or sleeves necessary
  • Limited amount of structural components: RISWAT® insert and filler sleeves and DRIFIL® sealant
  • Proven – thousands of leaking conduits sealed with RISWAT® all over the world
  • The system technology is identical to the RISE® and NOFIRNO® sealing systems