Accessories and tools

Accessories and tools

EXMAR offers a wide assortment of supporting tools for fittings and tubes:

  • assembly aids and tools
  • lubricants
  • sealing materials

Electro-hydraulic pre-assembly machine US-FL/01

For the pre-assembly of cutting ring fittings from 6 to 42 mm diameter.

Grease ASW

Facilitates the assembly and disassembly of fittings, even after a long period of operation. Prevents solidifying and hardening when affected by heat, welding without pre-heating and stick-slip (jerky sliding), also in the case of high surface pressure and minor sliding movements (crawling speed).

Pre-assembly tools HVMS

For pre-assembly in a vice. Made of hardened tool-steel.

Thread seal tape AC 840/AC 841

Flexible seal tape for rapid and clean winding on the tapered adaptor thread.