Cleaning US

US – Cleaning – degreased – unlubricated

Application area
Wherever special surface cleanliness is required for parts that come into contact with the media, but where the customer wishes to use his own lubricant.

Surface cleanliness < 33mg/m2 TOC per ASTM* G93-96, Level B.
Every order is traceable; assembly and testing are done in a special, clean environment, EXMAR specifications CSO-OX.
(*American Society for Testing and materials)

Scope of supply
Individually packaged in weld-sealed PE bags, special label, not assembled, i.e. loose nut and compression ferrule.

Important information
The parts are generally not lubricated, however certain points must be lubricated for optimal functioning.
Prior to assembly, the nut and the compression ferrule must be lubricated with a suitable lubricant.

Ordering information
EXMAR products which need to be supplied degreased and unlubricated must be clearly marked with US after the material number or the material description when ordering.
e.g.: WEV-22LR 3.4 US
or    708.2406.768.21.US