Pre-coated threads CT

US – Cleaning – degreased – unlubricated

With pre coated threads you obtain optimal
sealing of tapered outside threads.
The water-based, non-hardening, non-toxic sealing compound Loctite®5061 is applied by machine. This assures that the sealing compound is applied evenly and directly at potential leakage points at the base and the flank of the thread, thus providing extreme leak-tightness and reliability. Pre coated threads from EXMAR may be used in a wide variety of applications.

  • Loctite 5061 Dri-Seal® Sealing Compound
  • Ready for assembly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic, solvent-free
  • Very good media resistance
  • Approved by: DVGW, KTW, SVGW

Technical Data*

  • Chemical base: Polyacrylate, aqueous, non-hardening
  • Temperature: -50°C to 150°C
  • Pressure (PN) 16 bar, others possible
  • Adjustability: 45° (DIN 30660)
  • Media: air, oil, water (hot, cold)

Note: Loctite® 5061 is unsuitable for use with pure oxygen. Further information can be obtained from your distributor.

*The data comes from the manufacturer of Loctite® 5061. These are subject to change without notice. Clarification of the suitability for use of coated threads from EXMAR is the responsibility of the designer and must be carried out in advance. EXMAR will accept no liability thereafter.

Ordering information
SERTO products which need to be supplied with coated threads must be clearly marked with CT after the material number or the material description when ordering.
e.g.: WEV-22LR 3.4 CT
or    708.2406.768.21.CT