EXMAR products in use

Applications for EXMAR Products

EXMAR has been the name for premium pipe connections in stainless steel since 1976. What once upon a time began in a converted born, has grown into a specialist provider with customers all around the globe. In all sectors and applications where fittings are exposed to significant corrosive attack, our company is at home. The ability to deliver quickly, in – often extreme – areas of use, is ensured thanks to our extensive stock.

A selection of applications is listed below. Click on the application to find out more.

Application examples:

Material Area Medium
Ball valves, cutting ring fittings Fluid technology water, mineralized water
Cutting ring fittings Systems engineering - Environmental technology biodegradable hydraulic oil
Cutting ring, NC clamping ring fittings Marine engineering hydraulic oil
NC clamping ring fittings, hose couplings Fuel cells hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide/dioxide, methane, etc.
Cutting ring fittings, tapered seal connections Systems engineering - Combustion plants ammonia-water mixture
Cutting ring fittings Mechanical engineering - Filter technology hydraulic oils, vegetable and anmial fats and oils, water, etc.
NC clamping ring fittings Systems engineering - Test systems helium
High pressure ball valves, NC clamping ring fittings Immersion engineering oxygen, argon, breathing air, helium
Cutting ring fittings Systems engineering - Gas compression gas mixtures
Cutting ring fittings, low pressure ball valves Systems engineering - Paint systems paints and solvents