Applications of SERTO products

Applications of SERTO products

Since 1952, the SERTO brand name has stood for tube connections – the only ones in the world with radial mounting and dismounting.

Over time, SERTO has evolved from a supplier to the plumbing sector to an industrial supplier and OEM supplier. Our own department for special products handles customer solutions which are not available on the market and develops tailor-made solutions, special designs, components or ready-made systems. Customers around the world are pleased with their SERTO solutions.

Examples of applications:


  1. PA unions, valves
  2. PA unions, PVDF valves
  3. PVDF unions
  4. PVDF unions
  5. Stainless steel valves
  6. Stainless steel unions
  7. Stainless steel unions and tubes
  8. Stainless steel SOL high pressure unions
  9. Brass valves
  10. Brass M unions
  11. Brass G unions
  12. Brass manifolds
  13. Jacoflon tubes assembled


  1. Digital printing industry
  2. Water treatment
  3. Plant engineering
  4. Vacuum technology
  5. Test equipment
  6. Water treatment
  7. Instrumentation industry
  8. Natural gas fuelling stations
  9. Model making
  10. Tool industry
  11. Medical technology
  12. Special equipment manufacturing
  13. Food industry


  1. Water based and solvent based ink
  2. Slightly salted drinking water
  3. Fluids, gases
  4. Solvent vapors
  5. Compressed air, nitrogen
  6. Water
  7. Oil, water
  8. Natural gas
  9. LPG fuel gas
  10. Hydraulic oil
  11. Condensate, saturated steam
  12. Water-glycol mixture
  13. Hot steam