Chemical nickel plating CV

CV – Chemical nickel plating for brass

The electrolytic nickel plating process,
chemical nickel plating can be done plane-parallel.

Irrespective of the surface shape of the workpiece, a uniform plating thickness is always achieved over the entire surface. By that, the constructional dimensions will be changed only by the thickness of the plating layer.

The chemical nickel plating strongly bonds with the brass material structure and achieves a highly durable improvement.

For SERTO screwed joints these characteristics mean:
– higher surface hardness
– improved persistency against corrosion, abrasion and wear compared with brass

Practically all products of the SERTO brass range can be chemically nickel plated.

Typical areas of application are tubing in a slightly aggressive or corrosive environment, e.g. seawater, light acids, oil-air mixtures, laboratory apparatus manufacture for deionised water or for food etc.

Chemically nickel-plated screwed joints can be used as a more favourable alternative to stainless steel in individual cases, but under no circumstances as a general alternative.

Each application has to be individually clarified under the conditions of operation (pressure, medium, temperature, environment, etc.) If necessary, we recommend to carry out some own prior tests or to consult us with an exact indication of the working conditions.