Pre-coated thread CP

US – Cleaning – degreased – unlubricated

Application area
As an alternative to the CT option, PTFE tape is especially suitable

  • for temperatures above +150°C
  • for aggressive media
  • for steam
  • for pure oxygen

The threads are roughened for better adhesion. The 0.08 mm thick PTFE tape is wrapped at least 2x, while keeping the first screw thread free.

Scope of supply
In standard packages, ready for installation, pre-assembled, initial lubrication.

Product range
Components with tapered external thread:

  • brass M/G/CV
  • PA
  • PVDF
  • other products on request

Ordering information
SERTO products which need to be supplied with wrapped threads must be clearly marked with CP after the material number or the material description when ordering.
e.g.: SO 41121-8-1/4 CP
or 018.1101.170.CP