Technical information

The ingenious radial tube connection system

Shortening installation time saves money!
That’s exactly where SERTO connections set their leverage because they are uniquely designed for ease of radial installation and releasing. This feature saves time in maintenance because once installed the tubes need not be displaced or even bent when components such as valves and flowmeters are fitted and removed.

Design and function of the fitting
The union consists of only three elements: the base part, the clamping ring and the union nut. For the fitting the tube is inserted into the union prepared by the factory and tightened down with the union nut. The metal clamping ring is deformed such that it clamps onto the tube without damaging it. At the same time the plane area of the clamping ring is pressed against the base part, thereby producing an absolutely tight-sealing connection. By virtue of the design it is also impossible for the clamping ring to be fitted incorrectly.

The connection withstands pressures of up to 250 bar (up to 400 bar for SOL), and are also excellently suited for use in the vacuum sector. The temperature range extends from -196°C to +300°C.

Product Range
The tube unions are available in stainless steel, PVDF, PA, brass, chemically nickel-plated brass, aluminium and steel. In addition to the unions a large variety of valves, quick-disconnect couplings, tubes, hoses and installation tools are also available.

Fields of application
SERTO tube connections are used wherever anything needs to be transported, distributed, or regulated. You can find them in demanding applications, e.g., in the railway industry, in coffee machines, in water treatment plants, or in plant construction. The wide range of materials ensures that users can select the optimum material for most media. SERTO tube connectors have proven their reliability in daily use in millions of applications.